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Is Polo smart casual? - DesignerGu
Is Polo smart casual?
A polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. Polo shirts are usually short sleeved; they were originally used by pol
LOUIS VUITTON Archlight Sneaker - DesignerGu
LOUIS VUITTON Archlight Sneaker
You all should already be familiar with the Dad shoes,today we talked about LV super popular sneakers "LOUIS VUITTON Archlight Sneaker". Archlight design lines are advance,and there
CHANEL Fall/Winter Collection 2019 - DesignerGu
CHANEL Fall/Winter Collection 2019
Karl Lagerfeld the last season Chanel 2019/20 Fall/Winter Haute Couture collection was released at the Grand Palais in Paris,on the 15th day of Karl Lagerfeld's death.Before the start of the Chane
Chanel Appoints Virginie Viard as Karl Lagerfeld's Successor - DesignerGu
Chanel Appoints Virginie Viard as Karl Lagerfeld's Successor
According to W Magazine,Chanel has named Virginie Viard, Karl Lagerfeld's closest collaborator for more than 30 years, as its new creative director,the French fashion house said in a statement fol
Weekly News:Karl Lagerfeld pioneering fashion designer, has died - DesignerGu
Weekly News:Karl Lagerfeld pioneering fashion designer, has died
Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion visionary and creative director of Chanel, has died, aged 85,the company told CNN Tuesday. The influential German designer is best known for his work with the French luxur
Have you flipped?—Chanel Sneakers - DesignerGu
Have you flipped?—Chanel Sneakers
The sneakers trend has been popular for several seasons. From the low-sleeve shoes with a sense of leisure, until now, the thick dad shoes trend has blow up, so many people who is a bit repulsive for
Perfect Combination of Vintage Sneakers - DesignerGu
Perfect Combination of Vintage Sneakers
Louis Vuitton released three Zig Zag sneakers, inspired by the 90s Skate Vibes, combining athletic shoes with skates, which have a very thick lining design with sides trimmed Jagged design. Inspire
Take "pig" on the body - DesignerGu
Take "pig" on the body
In honor of the Chinese calendar's year of the pig,Gucci release a collection of accessories and ready-to-wear with Whimsical illustrations, including Disney’s Three Little Pigs. Gucci has
Pick Fashion Collocation in 2019 - DesignerGu
Pick Fashion Collocation in 2019
Dear DGU FANS! Happy to say hi in 2019!  We want to share with you fashion concept,have a new look in new year. 1. Gucci hoodie Sweater is one of the essential items,and Gucci
Christmas Gift Recommendation - DesignerGu
Christmas Gift Recommendation
It’s Christmas a few days later,and it’s time to pick up the gift for the family. In addition to roses, chocolates and apples, what else can I send? Scarves are the best choice for win
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