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Louis Vuitton beats Chanel and Gucci to win the world's "Most Valuable Luxury Brand" in 2018

By Designergu | 28 November 2018 | 55 views | 3 Comments

Interbrand, a well-known brand information company, recently announced the list of "Most Valuable Brands" this year. Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Coca-Cola became the top five companies on the total list, while Louis Vuitton ranked 18th. The success of defending the "most valuable luxury brand" first place, followed by Chanel (23) and Hermes (32), while Gucci rose from 51 to 39, the momentum is very fast. Other luxury brands on the list include Cartier (67), Tiffany (83), Dior (91) and Burberry (94).


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February 18,2019 03:12
Buenas noches quisiera saber si viene el logo en la zuela no se ve en la foto si bien en caja Gucci y la bolsa Gucci k tarda en llegar y si se puede hacer contrareembolso a y la talla no la entiendo quisiera un 38
January 06,2019 18:56
Es confiable su pagina porque me interesan muchos productos. Daludos
December 31,2018 01:21
Bonjour vos sac Louis Vuitton et chaussure femme Son authentique ou pas je suis Interreser met je voudrai d'abord voir Si c des Bonne qualités , moi je suis mina zaza 151 rue Robert Schuman 59100 Roubaix
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