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Pick Fashion Collocation in 2019

By Designergu | 11 January 2019 | 36 views | 0 Comments
Dear DGU FANS! Happy to say hi in 2019!
 We want to share with you fashion concept,have a new look in new year.

1. Gucci hoodie
Sweater is one of the essential items,and Gucci hoodies are leading the trend of fashion.

Designed with an oversize fit, the sweatshirt continues to speak to the athletic influence that has now become synonymous with the House.

Available now.Tap on this link→→Gucci Sweatshirt with sequin Gucci logo    
2. We also have another style of sweaters: Off-white technical nylon with beige GG pattern and green nylon

Rubber Gucci patch;Embroidered dragon and metallic gold leather Gucci appliqués on the back;Unlined;Contrast knit rib trims;Front pockets;Interior green and red Web Gucci-Dapper Dan label.
Available now.Tap on this link→→Gucci-Dapper Dan jacket

3. Gucci releases the same style of T-shirt,if you are a fan both of gucci and chic,you can not miss it.

Available now.Tap on this link→→Gucci Oversize T-shirt with sequin Gucci logo(White)

4. The finishing touch: Gucci Ace Tiger print Sneakers

Available now.Tap on this link→→Gucci Ace Tiger print Sneaker in White

Any more questions, welcome to comment below or contact our sales via these ways:

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +16265594652/+16268387152

Instagram: @trendslockofficial2017

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