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This Is Every Way You Could Possibly Wear the Off-White Belt

By Designergu | 26 April 2019 | 383 views | 0 Comments
Off-White Industrial Belt,yall should have been familiar with it.
Off-White's cult-hit Industrial belt is a must-have accessory this season. Crafted from yellow(or others) manufacturing webbing and emblazoned with the brand's logo, this long style can be wrapped multiple times around the waist and fastened with the black metal buckle. Channel the label's urban-cool aesthetic, using yours to cinch a tailored blazer at the waist.
We've rounded up every way you can possibly style the Off-White belt, from around the waist to around your leg, from blogger street style to celebrity Instagrams. The Off-White Industrial Belt is available online in 12 different colors and styles, including mini and rubber, so shop it once you've got enough inspiration under your belt — pun totally intended.

With a Denim Jacket


With a Blazer and Denim Shorts


With a Blazer and Biker Shorts


With a Cardigan


With a Button-Down Dress


With a Monochrome Pantsuit


With a Blazer and Pants


With a Blazer and Skirt

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